Curtis Schindeler, LMHC, Neurotherapist, C.Ht.

Treating the Effects of Trauma:

I believe that most of the "hard to treat" mental health illnesses are caused by trauma. Trauma comes in many forms ranging from one horrible incident such as an auto accident, to an ongoing series of traumatic events such as physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse.

For various reasons we all have different levels of resiliency.  Resiliency is what allows one victim of the same horrible trauma to move forward through life without maladaptive behaviors, while another victim who might have been standing alongside the first victim, turns to alcohol, drugs, anger issues, self-harming behaviors and suicidal ideation.

The research has shown that talk therapy is not very effective with trauma resolution due to several factors. One is the possibility of retraumatization by talking about it over and over again, while another is that the trauma is stored in the brain differently than most issues because of the level of fight/flight.  The brain is on high alert for any trigger so as to be in prime position to protect the person.  This also explains the flashbacks and revivification that occurs in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder victims (PTSD).  I am trained in several modalities that focus on and are very effective for trauma resolution and if you make a commitment to treatment, I guarantee it. There is no one else in this profession guaranteeing their services.

Treating Anxiety:

I believe that anxiety or chronic stress is a huge problem in our society today.  Anxiety releases enzymes that suppress the immune system and we see the manifestations daily in G.I. (stomach) issues, ulcers, cancers, heart disease, obesity and depression.  The solutions that are generally offered usually involve medications such as benzodiazepines e.g. Valium and Xanax.  I am currently solving this problem for upwards of 95% of my clients that want to live anxiety free (without drugs).

A Comprehensive Approach to Couples' Therapy

I believe that the divorce rate would decrease dramatically if couples were proactive about their relationship.  All relationships are difficult to maintain successfully and we are only willing to do the work if we care about one another.  Time and time again, I meet couples that have left their relationship unattended for too long.  Couples do not generally seek counseling help until one of them wants out of the relationship. Do the work up front, and on a regular basis and enjoy a long and fruitful relationship as you deserve.