Adult Anxiety Resolution

Anxiety is a constant state of arousal. The most common complaints by an anxious person are sweating, nausea, ”butterflies“ in the
stomach, palpitations or chest pain, shallow or constricted breathing, including shortness of breath. And muscle tensions and headaches are often found. Not all these different symptoms may be experienced, as everyone is an individual. Anxiety is normally persistent; its severity depends on how badly individuals expect they will do in a situation, how much control they have in a particular situation or event, and how critically they will be judged afterwards. They frequently evaluate themselves or create an image that is negative, which causes further or persistent anxiousness. They frequently worry about anything and everything, which may cause insomnia or an inability to go to work. Nearly all those suffering from anxiety will complain of not being able to concentrate or that they have a poor memory. There is nothing wrong with their concentration or memory, but the underlying anxiety prevents them from thinking with logic and reason.

Ask yourself what your level of anxiety or stress is right now on a scale of 0-10.  Now, I want you to imagine you are sitting in your car in the driveway with the gear in park.  Push the accelerator down 500 RPM's for every number over zero.  If you are a 6 anxiety level you are revving your car engine at 3000 RPM's.  This is what you are doing to your physical body.  You are running all of your engines (organs and systems) at high RPM's for no reason.  Your body can not help you solve your problems, only your mind can.  Your physical body has few protect the body and organs, to keep all the systems running and to heal any problems that occur.  The human body is an amazing physiological wonder.  It has the power to heal everything in our bodies except for our teeth.  In order to do this, the anxiety and stress loads have to be taken off of the physical body so that it can focus solely on the job of running efficiently and maintaining health.  We would not put this load on our car engine so why do we do it to ourselves?  My belief is that society demands it of us and this has normalized us to believe that maintaining a five, six, or seven anxiety level is acceptable. IT IS NOT.   I believe this is where cancers, heart problems, gastro intestinal issues and all other diseases caused by stress come from.  I can teach you how to cognitively restructure your normal back to how you were born....ZERO.  Get healthy, allow your body to do its job!!