Suicidal Ideation

If you are having any thoughts of hurting yourself you must come in to see us. If you are having any thoughts of hopelessness and/or desperation you must call us.  We can help you change your life so your brain is no longer taking you in a negative direction.  Our brains want to figure out how to get out of pain and there is another way.   You will NOT have to come in and talk, talk, talk about your past experiences unless you choose to.  We don't need to know how you got here, we just need for you to come in.  We know we can help you and that is why we have a treatment guarantee in place.  The feelings of hopelessness will go away within the first few sessions and you will quickly get healthier and healthier.  We guarantee it.  We expect miracles and so will you.

We have formed a non profit organization called Project 23 to Zero, inc.  Currently, there are 23 veterans a day committing suicide. Our goal is to get that number down to ZERO, and we know we can do it. Modern science has figured out how to help the brain get out of it's locked in mode of fight or flight and resolve trauma. If you would like to donate or get more information please visit our website at Project 23 to Zero, inc.


Why Suicide Has Become an Epidemic and what We Can Do to Help